Healthy Life Cats

Hana Healthy Life Cats, are stuffed nuggets that provide well-being to cats, respecting the physiological needs of all breeds. Treats with different textures, shapes and ingredients, which follow the most modern global trends in animal nutrition.


A fun line of stuffed and crunchy nuggets for adult cats, with very high palatability to please the most demanding palates! The Tastefull Stuffed Nugetts line offers 4 varieties of flavors, which are irresistible for cats to accept. Presentations of 40g and 150g. All packages of Tastefull Stuffed Nuggets have zippers to maintain palatability and crunchiness after opening.

Tastefull Stuffed Nuggets is a line created by experts who love cats!

Lick Cat

Lick Cat is a creamy treat for cats of all ages. Ideal for moments of pure fun. Exclusive roll-on packaging, allows you to open and close it as many times as you want, a great advantage! The creamy consistency increases palatability, making it extremely irresistible! Once opened, it does not need to be kept in the refrigerator, a great advantage and practicality.